Jo signing the Charter

Photo: Jo signing the Community Charter for Good Planning.

Labor candidate for Summer Hill, Councillor Jo Haylen has joined fellow Labor MPs and candidates in signing Planning for People: the Community Charter for Good Planning.

Clr Haylen said Labor’s support for better planning in NSW was critical and would benefit families in the Inner West.

“As a councillor and former Mayor, I’m familiar with the difficulties people experience as they navigate the planning system,” Clr Haylen said.

“The reason why the Community Charter for Good Planning is so important is because it seeks to simplify the process, while outlining principles we know are essential for a good planning system,” Clr Haylen said.

Labor believes in a planning regime that properly balances economic activity, environmental protections and community participation.

Clr Haylen said her work as Mayor sought to address these fundamental principles of sustainable development and community consultation.

“Earlier this year I was able to establish an Architectural Design Excellence Panel, which makes sure new buildings in our area contribute to the aesthetic of the environment, rather than detract,” Clr Haylen said.

“The Charter is particularly strong on public participation, environmental protection, respect for heritage and ensuring that planning is accompanied by the provision of infrastructure to local communities.

“It’s important our planning regime takes these matters into consideration while delivering in a timely fashion,” Clr Haylen said.

“I’m pleased to have added my signature to this and I will continue to advocate for a simpler and better planning system.”

The Charter, which candidates and MPs across NSW will be asked to support, has been prepared by a number of organisations, including the Better Planning Network, National Parks Association of NSW, National Trust of Australia (NSW), Nature Conservation Council of NSW, NSW Heritage Network, Shelter NSW and the Total Environment Centre.

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