Thank you to Summer Hill's resident Piano Teacher, Justin McKee, at MJ Piano Lessons for hosting an excellent concert on Tuesday.

Held at our Summer Hill Plaza, the concert displayed the brilliant musical talent of Justin's pupils. Students aged five to seventy-one played a range of classical, pop, contemporary and jazz piano tunes. With student skills ranging from beginner to University level, the concert was a true triumph for the Inner West's brightest, aspiring pianists.

I was proud to see our budding musicians put themselves out there and show off their quickly developing skills. Needless to say, the afternoon was a musical masterclass.

Locals came out and stopped by to enjoy the show and support the courageous performers in their musical journeys.

For putting on a wonderful show, thank you to Easton, Intra, Krishaan, Reuben, Tallulah, Eddie, Louis, Eimear, Maria, Minato, Susan, Rose, Hugo, Audrey, Eleanor, Gwen, Genevieve, Gabriel, and Rohan. I also extend thanks to their renowned teacher, Justin McKee, for helping to build these skills and for organising such a fantastic live music event in Summer Hill.