The River Canoe Club on the banks of the Cooks River has recently had a facelift with the new River Flow mural commissioned by Inner West Council's Perfect Match program. The mural has transformed the clubhouse and is a collaboration between contemporary indigenous artist Zachary Bennett-Brook and Kim Siew, a local street artist. River Flows blends Zachary's intricate concentric circles and dot work with Kim's illustrative style and depicts locals canoeing along the river. River Flows pays homage to the incredible work of local environmental groups like the Cooks River "Mullets" and "Mudcrabs" who dedicate their spare time to cleaning up the waterway and protecting the Cooks River unique ecosystem. Public art initiatives like Perfect Match not only make our streetscapes more beautiful and engaging, but also provide an important platform for emerging artists to share their work with their community. To date, the Perfect Match program has commissioned 90 public artworks since its establishment in 2015, with a further 20 works slated for this year. Thank you to Zachary and Kim for this beautiful addition to the Cooks River landscape and congratulations to the River Canoe Club on their transformed clubhouse!