Jo Haylen, the Member for Summer Hill, today congratulated Marrickville Council on plans for a raised shared zone between Petersham and Marrickville Roads in Marrickville and to close the street once a month during daylight-savings hours to promote night-time dining and entertainment.

“One of the best things about living in Marrickville is our spectacular night-life, with some of Sydney’s best bars and restaurants,” said Ms Haylen.

“This plan puts Marrickville on the map, energizing the precinct and making Marrickville an even greater destination for food-lovers and people looking for a relaxed and fun night out,” Ms Haylen said.

The plan, which hands the street back over to pedestrians and allows for outdoor dining and entertainment, is being assessed by Marrickville Council and will come into effect by 2017 if approved.

“The world’s greatest global cities have central plazas that energize the local economy and bring communities together. This plan will do the same for Marrickville, as well as make the road safer for pedestrians,” said Ms Haylen.

“It’s a win/win for the community and will put Marrickville on the map.”