The Cooks River Clean-up is an annual event bringing people from across the inner west to roll up their sleeves and fish rubbish out of the river.

This year's clean-up was co-hosted by the River Canoe Club, the Mudcrabs, Cooks River Alliance, Ocean Crusaders and Cooks River Clean Up.

Paddle against Plastic is part of a 10-day intensive clean-up of the river system that has seen over 6.6 tonnes of rubbish pulled from the river in just 5 days. Everything from shopping trolley's to bicycles to plastic shopping bags were pulled from the river by volunteers on the day.

The clean-up saw inner westies this year out on the river in boats or hired canoes cleaning up our waterways.

Around 225 people volunteered their Saturday to paddle around and protect our local environment.

Thank you to River Canoe Club for supplying the canoes on the day. And thank you to the Cooks River Association and the Mudcrabs for their ongoing environmental advocacy, countless hours that are spent year round restoring the river and ensuring it is rubbish free.