JO HAYLEN: My question is directed to the Treasurer. Given the transport Minister has now admitted that there is not much of a price difference in the current climate when it comes to domestic manufacturing and given we know that foreign-built procurements often blow out by more than 50 per cent anyway, does the Treasurer agree with the transport Minister and now regret costing New South Wales thousands of job opportunities by sending billions of dollars in major purchases overseas?

MATT KEAN: I thank the member for Summer Hill for her question. I reject the premise of the question. Before I get into the detail, I commiserate with the member for Summer Hill, who is one of the great idealists in the Labor Party. She has been a great true believer of the cause for at least 20 years. How would she have felt on the weekend?

... This Government believes in local manufacturing. In fact, we are building an entire city in western Sydney that is dedicated to advanced manufacturing. This Government believes in creating jobs.

In fact, our local manufacturing industry is booming. Just look at the Leader of the Opposition's Facebook page. It is keeping his selfies going because he is at every local manufacturer, taking a selfie. So local manufacturing is clearly thriving.

The Leader of the Opposition is so dedicated to manufacturing that he and Alex Claassens have teamed up to de-manufacture our trades. They want to rip out safety equipment from our trades. That is creating local jobs. "Hey, Alex, let's create some jobs. Why don't we go trash the $3 billion worth of trains that we're not allowing to go on the tracks and not allowing commuters to use every day? We'll rip out the CCTV technology. We'll rip out the sensor technology. That will create some local jobs. That's our policy."

That is the Leader of the Opposition's commitment to manufacturing. He wants to rip out safety equipment from our trains. The Leader of the Opposition has no plans, no policies and no ideas other than the ones that Alex Claassens gives him. Alex Claassens says, "Let's get local manufacturing to rip out safety equipment from the trains we're not letting anyone use."

This Government is committed to local manufacturing. This Government is committed to ensuring that taxpayers get the best deal from local manufacturing. We have always been about supporting local jobs, and we will continue to be about supporting local jobs. That is what this Government is all about.