One of the Liberal government’s overseas built Emerald Class 2 Manly Ferries has suffered a serious steering failure which will leave it out of action for days at least.
The Fairlight - which is one of three overseas built manly ferries that replaced the NSW built Freshwater Class ferries – was travelling at high speed at approximately 7:30pm on Sunday night when its primary steering failed.
Fairlight was carrying approximately 150 passengers at the time. The vessel eventually returned to dock after the crew used the back up steering system to regain control of the vessel.
This is the ninth steering failure that the overseas built ferry has had since it began service in 2021.
Both other Emerald Class 2 Manly Ferries, Clontarf and Balmoral have also had multiple steering failures.
The steering failures on the Emerald Class 2 ferries are part of a much more extensive list of defects which also include:

  • Cracked fuel tanks;
  • An engine exploding;
  • Hot oil sprayed around the engine room after the lubricating oil system cracked;
  • Emergency doors locked because they’re a safety hazard to passengers;
  • Leaks discovered in the hulls;
  • Damage to rudders in heavy swells;
  • Windows shattered in heavy swells;
  • An Internal warning sent to masters that vessels could become airborne in heavy swells;
  • Life rafts secured with cable ties.

There is a clear choice at this election between the Liberals and their overseas built defective ferries, and Labor and our commitment to build them here to deliver a safe and reliable ferry system. 

Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen, NSW Shadow Minister for Transport:
“This is the nineth steering failure the Fairlight has had since 2021. It’s now beyond a joke and is a serious risk to passenger safety.
“A Liberal government will keep buying ferries, trains and trams from overseas and will keep putting jobs and passenger safety at risk.
“Cats get nine lives, failed transport policies don’t. That’s why a Chris Minns Labor government will stop buying overseas made and build our ferries, trains, trams and buses here.”