JO HAYLEN: My question is directed to the Premier. Does the Premier agree with his fellow Liberal MP the Hon. Chris Rath, who last night said regarding the New South Wales manufacturing industry that—

DOMINIC PERROTTET: What did you say?

JO HAYLEN: You will want to hear it. He is one of yours.

Does the Premier agree with his fellow Liberal MP the Hon. Chris Rath who last night said, regarding the New South Wales manufacturing industry, "It's not easy for us to manufacture mass transportation options, such as ferries, at a reasonable cost", and, regarding manufacturing mass transportation, "We do not hold the comparative advantage."

DOMINIC PERROTTET: I am terribly sorry. I apologise to my friends in the upper House but I was not watching last night. I am sure it was a riveting debate, as it always is over there.

The 1893 Labor platform was to abolish the upper House, and I still believe we should. I note that we had a celebration in the Strangers dining room on Tuesday evening for the bicentenary of the upper House, which we will be celebrating very soon in 2024. Hopefully we will have abolished it by then. I am not sure if the celebration will continue if we have achieved that great feat. I say to the member for Summer Hill in relation to the statements that on this side of the House we believe in freedom. We actually allow members to have opinions and speak. I do not sack them if they speak out. Do you know what?

Opposition members lined up one by one on property reform, even though most of them actually agree with the policy, because they are forced into it.

JO HAYLEN: Point of order: The Premier's fascination with the Labor Party conference continues. My question was very clear: Does the Premier agree with his MP, Chris Rath?

DOMINIC PERROTTET: I respect Mr Rath's opinion. He is a legend. He is a great member in the upper House who is passionate about our State and passionate about New South Wales moving forward. To the member for Summer Hill I have said very clearly that I believe we need to drive onshore manufacturing in this State. New South Wales manufactures more than anywhere else in the country. Why? Because we manage money well and our economy is the fastest growing in the country, which provides opportunity and prosperity for the people of our State. As the Hon. Chris Rath noted in the upper House, our policies have resulted in a 3.3 per cent unemployment rate, which was much higher under Labor. [Time expired.]