This week and next, students are celebrating orientation, O-Week, on university campuses across New South Wales. University is an exciting time and, for many, represents so much more than the next step in education. It is a time that requires openness, trust and a sense of adventure. Unfortunately, some students will not have the opportunity to fully experience their time at university. Seventy-two per cent of female students report experiencing unwanted sexual advances, harassment, stalking, assault or rape on campus. The majority will either not report it or have no way to report it. Labor this week launched the It's time for Action campaign, drawing attention to this problem and standing in solidarity with young people fighting to end sexual assault on campus. Students are calling for mandatory consent training in residential colleges, a standard sexual assault reporting model and specialised services for victims of sexual assault on campus. No student deserves to feel unsafe in their place of learning. Labor stands with the brave young women who have been victims of sexual assault. Together we will end the scourge of sexual assault on campus.