A Minns Labor Government will ban LGBTQ+ conversion practices in New South Wales.

So called conversion therapy, or suppression practices, is the formal or informal practices based on the ideology that LGBTQ+ people have a disorder or require treatment.

Minister for Health Brad Hazzard indicated he would introduce a prohibition in 2019, the NSW Government has taken no further action since.

A Minns Labor Government would prohibit the practice and will work with survivors and all other stakeholders to develop the legislation that works in NSW.

We will establish a joint working group of NSW Health and the NSW Department of Justice to draft the laws.

Quotes attributable to Chris Minns, NSW Labor Leader:

“Conversion therapy is a dangerous and damaging practice and there’s no room for it in NSW.

“We should not have a situation where children are being told something is wrong with them and that they need to be fixed.”

Quotes attributable to Penny Sharpe, NSW Labor Leader in the Legislative Council:

“LGBTIQ+ people should be respected for who they are without being subjected to harmful and damaging conversion and suppression therapies that have no basis in science.

“A Minns Labor Government will work with relevant government agencies and other stakeholders to ban these practices in New South Wales.”

Quotes attributable to Ryan Park, NSW Shadow Minister for Health:

“Conversion and suppression practices are ineffective, do serious damage to the health and wellbeing and can cause ongoing trauma.

“NSW is lagging behind on taking action on this important issue. Labor will end these practices “

Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill

Conversion practices are dangerous and there’s no room for it in NSW. No child should ever be told something is wrong with them and that they need to be fixed.

"NSW Labor will value each and every child and change the law to fix this."