As students head into O-Week or return to university this month, NSW Labor is reinforcing its commitment to ending sexual assault and harassment on campus.

After speaking with dozens of young students who are demanding change from their universities, Labor MPs stood in solidarity with student activists and launched the ‘It’s Time for Action’ campaign in February 2017.

For the past few years, there has been a growing campaign led by women’s officers and student activists to reform the cultures of residential colleges across Australia. 

NSW Labor will continue to work hard to end sexual assault on campus. Petitions calling for more action in stopping sexual assault will be distributed to university campuses and student organisations right across the state. Once 10,000 signatures are collected on this petition the issue can debated in NSW Parliament.

NSW Labor will continue to work with Women’s Officers, students, key stakeholders and the community across the state to fight for an end to sexual assault on university and TAFE campuses.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Jenny Aitchison

“We all need to work towards stopping sexual assault on campus. It’s crucial that the Berejiklian Government deliver their overdue sexual assault strategy to properly prevent and address sexual assault, wherever it happens.

“The Government needs to ensure that victims of rape and sexual assault are dealt with in the most dignified way possible and that all institutions operating in NSW have clear and appropriate methods for dealing with sexual assault.

“As the Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, I am passionate about taking action to make our universities, and especially their residential colleges safer.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Women Sophie Cotsis

"We need to make sure that all women have a positive experience of university life.

"Universities must act now against all forms of sexual violence. This should be top of their agenda when it comes to preventing sexual violence against women. They need to ensure they take all the necessary steps and action to stop sexual violence.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Parliamentary Secretary and Member for Summer Hill Jo Haylen

“Every O-Week season we see stories about the misogynistic culture that exists within residential colleges. This culture must be stamped out.

“Parents should be able to send their children off to university knowing they will be safe and respected. Universities and colleges have a duty to reform the policy and process of their institutions to make these homes away from home safe for students.

“Students, activists, women and survivors have been telling us for decades that university and colleges aren’t safe and something needs to change. It’s time for action to end sexual assault on campus.”