Over the last week, our news feeds and TV screens have been flooded with the horror of the fatal boarding house fire on Albermarle Street, Newtown. The fire has rocked the inner west community and shone a light on the too-often appalling standards in boarding houses across NSW. On behalf of the inner west community, I extend my condolences to the families and communities of those who died and best wishes to residents who survived. The Boarding House Outreach Service (BHOS) provided by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre is an invaluable program, supporting boarding house residents with wrap-around support and ongoing casework management. The Service is a lifeline for the many vulnerable people living in boarding houses across our communities. Following the tragic fire, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre provided critical support for residents and is now running an appeal for surviving residents. They are currently accepting donations through their website and social media channels to support residents with housing, clothing, food and basic needs. I thank the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre for their commitment, compassion and expertise to assisting residents of Vajda House and of boarding houses across the Inner West.