I congratulate the Newtown Breakaways Australian Football Club on two wonderful community events: their Indigenous Round in late April and their Frontline Workers Round in early May. To celebrate the club's Indigenous round last month, two players, Sacha Gratton and Carleah Flinders, designed a special guernsey. The design celebrates diversity and inclusion, as well as the deep and enduring connection of Indigenous people to the land on which we gather and play. In another example of the Breakaways doing great things to celebrate the community, they also held a frontline workers round this past weekend. The aim of the round was to offer thanks and recognition to not only the frontline workers who play for the club, but all of the incredible people in the Inner West who have spent the last two years keeping our community safe, whether it be healthcare workers, teachers, or retail and hospitality staff. I warmly congratulate and thank the players and everyone involved in these important Rounds, and extend my gratitude to the Newtown Breakaways for lifting up and celebrating these important Inner West communities.