Ms JO HAYLEN (Summer Hill)In Australia, there are 2600 continuously missing people. They are not just statistics; they are people.

They include James Leo Howe, who has been missing from Ashfield since 1987; Helen Karipidis of Marrickville, missing since 1988; and Qing Chen, missing from Dulwich Hill since 2000.

Every missing person is someone's mother, father, child or friend. They have left an absence in the lives of those who love them, some for only a short time while others have been missing for decades but are never forgotten.

Today I want to remember their names, their stories. We remember that there are people who love them and want them home.

This National Missing Person's Week, I draw the attention of the House to the fact that there are 80 continuously missing women in NSW, and also acknowledge that dementia is a factor is many cases of missing persons.

I especially acknowledge the NSW Police Missing Person's Unit, the Families and Friends of Missing Persons Unit of NSW Justice, the Missing Person's Advocacy Network and all those in my electorate and across NSW working to support families and bring missing persons home.