A Chris Minns Labor Government will reopen Elliott Street Wharf in West Balmain, create new ferry stops in Annandale and Pyrmont and will review the frequency of ferry services to Drummoyne to deliver more ferry services and more ferry stops for passengers.


This will get cars off the road and relieve pressure on the existing bus and light rail services in these communities.


Labor will amend the ferry timetable to return ferry services to Elliott Street in Balmain which were cut by the Liberals in 2013.


The wharf is currently open to the public, is serviceable and will require minimal upgrades to return regular ferry services to West Balmain.


A Labor government will also review the frequency of ferry services to Drummoyne Wharf with the objective of delivering more ferry services.


Labor will also deliver two additional stops for the F10 Ferry service which currently runs from Blackwattle Bay to Barangaroo.


The additional stops will be located at Rozelle Bay in North Annandale and at Pirrama Wharf in Pyrmont. Both locations already have existing wharfs similar to the infrastructure the F10 uses at Blackwattle Bay.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport Jo Haylen:


“A Chris Minns Labor Government will deliver more ferry services to Balmain, Annandale, Pyrmont and Drummoyne.


“More ferry services are a great way of delivering more transport capacity in Sydney’s Inner West. They don’t just take cars off the road, they ease the pressure on our buses and light rail services.


“This will mean more space on our existing buses and light rail, and more options for inner west passengers.”


Quotes attributable to Labor Candidate for Balmain Philippa Scott:


"The choice at this election is between a Liberal Government who has cut Balmain's public transport and a Labor Government who will build it. We need a fresh start for NSW under a Minns Labor Government to secure Balmain's public transport future and deliver progressive change, and the only way to do that is to vote 1 Labor here in Balmain." 


"As a lifelong local, I know how important public transport is to the inner west. Labor's ferry plan will get cars off our roads and provide fast, clean transport access to the CBD for residents of Glebe, Annandale, Balmain and Rozelle."


"The community will be so excited that a Labor Government will protect and expand Balmain's ferry services."


Quotes attributable to Labor Candidate for Drummoyne Julia Little:


“More ferry services between Drummoyne and Circular Quay means less pressure on our existing bus network, and fewer cars on Victoria Road.”


“Labor will review ferry services to the Drummoyne wharf so our community’s public transport needs are met.”


Quotes attributable to Labor Candidate for Sydney Skye Tito:


“A ferry stop at Pirrama Park will take pressure off Pyrmont’s Light Rail and Bus Services.”


“Labor’s plan for another F10 stop at Pyrmont will mean more transport options available for passengers who need to get to work down at Barangaroo.”