More damning information regarding the NSW Government’s failed transport procurement policies has come to light, after Government documents produced to the parliament revealed that the doors on the overseas built New Inter City Fleet trains had a 75 per cent failure rate during testing.
This is the latest in a long line of defects found in the $2.88 billion NIF trains since they were originally purchased more than five years ago in 2016.
The NIF trains were also unable to fit the tunnels and tracks on the Blue Mountains Line, lacked the required passenger safety features, are 18 months late, and still haven’t carried a single passenger.
Shadow Minister for Transport Jo Haylen said:
“The Government is still finding yet more defects in these $2.88 billion overseas built trains more than five years since they first bought them.
“First these trains didn’t fit the tracks, then they didn’t have the required safety features, they’re 18 months late, they still haven’t carried a single passenger and now we’ve learnt that the doors fail 75 per cent of the time.
“This is a transport procurement debacle. The Government’s transport policies are in complete chaos.”