Metro Assist, Ashfield, has been central to our community's response to the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown. Metro Assist provides family services, settlement services, tenancy advice and advocacy, financial inclusion counselling, employment support including its Dress for Work program, and a range of community programs and events. During lockdown, they have been critical in ensuring information around COVID-19, health restrictions, vaccination and economic support is available and accessible to cultural and linguistically diverse communities across the Inner West and Sydney. Metro Assist has provided programs and support for parents and home learning; tenancy advice to those trying to navigate rental arrangements and support; and career advice for those looking to re-enter the workforce as we emerge from lockdown. I especially acknowledge their important work in connecting vulnerable communities to vaccine information and helping to reduce vaccine hesitancy in vulnerable communities. I sincerely congratulate and thank all the volunteers and staff at Metro Assist for their significant contribution to our State's COVID-19 response and for working so diligently to ensure no-one has been left behind.