October is Mental Health Month and there has potentially never been a better time to reflect on how we can work together to support mental health in our community. Lifeline reports that record numbers of people have called for assistance during the COVID-19 lockdown, with the community grappling with anxiety, fear, social isolation and a sense of disconnection and hopelessness. Waitlists for counselling and psychological services have continued to grow, with a greater number of people reaching out than ever before. Local organisations in the Summer Hill electorate have been on hand to assist, including HeadSpace Ashfield, Marrickville Community Mental Health Service, Community Mental Health Service Camperdown, Concord Centre for Mental Health and Leichhardt Womens' Community Health Service. These organisations not only provide direct face-to-face services for inner west residents, but also raise awareness and to reduce the stigma around mental health in our community. I also acknowledge the extraordinary work of essential and front-line workers in mental health for all they do to support our community 365 days a year, and acknowledge everyone in the community with lived/living experience of mental health.