I am pleased to welcome Miss Sina as the latest delicious addition to Marrickville's bakery community!

Opening its doors in early September, the start-up has already served up plenty wonderful creations for café and bakery goers in the area.

Miss Sina was established by Sina Klug and Jacques Dumont for those in the community who enjoy their sweet treats plant-based or dairy-free.

The bakery offers a mix of German and French pastries, as well as Aussie favourites that prove difficult to find in their vegan versions.

The duo and all their friendly staff have quickly built a lovely spot to pop in for a coffee and sugary snack in the morning.

Their warm cinnamon scrolls have attracted out-the-door lines on Illawarra Road every weekend since the bakery's doors opened.

Certainly, Miss Sina has made our vegan-friendly community even friendlier and is already a fantastic contribution to the rich café and foodie culture enjoyed within the Inner West.

I hope to see the bakery continue to thrive and thank Sina Klug, Jacques Dumont and all their wonderful staff.