Marrickville Legal Centre is looking to the future, developing a new virtual legal assistant to better assist the most vulnerable in our community. The "New Age Legal Assistant" - or NALA - was funded through a $250,000 grant from the Access to Justice Innovation Fund. The NALA can be best described as an AI first responder, allowing frontline legal services to triage and assess enquiries based on their level of urgency and risk, before legal issues compound into crisis. A trial of NALA was launched during the pandemic when Marrickville Legal Centre was facing a barrage of requests for support, with many clients struggling with housing insecurity, domestic violence cases, and job losses. NALA was able to help the team at Marrickville Legal Centre assess the urgency of a client's legal issues, receive crucial information before a consultation, and ensure that the finite resources of the centre are redirected to assist complex and high need clients first. Thank you to Vasili Maroulis and all the staff at Marrickville Legal Centre for your tireless work in supporting the most vulnerable in our community. Congratulations on this exciting new project.