Marrickville Legal Centre's Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service has been invaluable during the pandemic, supporting thousands of tenants through the financial and housing crisis created by COVID19. Without Marrickville Legal Centre's dedicated tenancy team, inner west residents would have been left to fend for themselves, navigating the daunting and often inaccessible legal system during this unprecedented time. During this crisis tenants have been confused by rapidly changing information, often feeling ill equipped and overwhelmed by the process of negotiating for a rent reduction. The tenancy team at Marrickville Legal Centre have provided the inner west community with unparalleled support, providing a clear and up-to-date COVID19 factsheet on their website about the NSW Government's COVID19 tenancy legislation and their tenancy rights during COVID19. Caseworkers have been working day in day out throughout this pandemic providing case by case support to those struggling with rent negotiations with landlords, NCAT proceedings and those fighting for urgent repairs to their property. Thank you to the staff at Marrickville Legal Centre. Our community can never thank you enough for your support and advice to tenants, when they had nowhere left to turn.