Ms JO HAYLEN (Summer Hill) (19:41): For 40 years, Marrickville Legal Centre has provided essential legal support to some of the most vulnerable in the inner west community. Our legal system can be daunting and inaccessible, and the dedicated staff at the centre support people to navigate it, with specialist programs supporting young people, low-income families and individuals, women escaping domestic and family violence, as well as tenants and those facing housing stress. As well as providing frontline support, the centre has been a leading voice in policy reform, particularly in relation to tenancies and homelessness support.

For 40 years, the centre has been a leading voice in the fight for progressive change and social justice, and later this week, I look forward to joining former Justice Michael Kirby and others to celebrate this important milestone. I extend my support and my heartfelt thanks to all the staff and volunteers at the Marrickville Legal Centre, and wish them all the best for the next 40 years.