I warmly acknowledge Entire Golf at Marrickville Golf Club for its kind efforts in assisting flood-affected First Nations communities in northern New South Wales.

In mid-August, Entire Golf asked Marrickville's local golfers to donate their gear, including clubs, bags and golf balls, to be loaded into a trailer and delivered to First Nations communities recovering from the northern New South Wales floods.

The effort was aimed at restoring a sense of normality and fun within communities that have recently been impacted by terrible floods.

Thank you to Marrickville Golf Club's resident pro, Kylie, and to Ivan, a frequent golfer at the Marrickville Golf Club, for driving all the way up north and delivering a huge stack of gear that was collected over just a few days.

This great work proved to be such a kind gesture to those who had lost so much during these floods.

I thank everyone involved who donated material to ensure that Entire Golf was a great driver of this effort.