For 20 years Mario's has served up fresh, quality meats for Haberfield and the inner west community. Last week a new chapter in Haberfield began, with Mario's Quality Meats changing hands and a new business, the Haberfield Butchery, taking over the shopfront at 25 Waratah Street. That address has a rich and storied history as a butcher since 1915. While I know Mario's has been a much‑loved feature of the Haberfield community since its opening, the community is excited that the Haberfield Butchery will be continuing that legacy. Haberfield continues to be one of the most vibrant shopping districts in the inner west, bringing shoppers from across the city to enjoy its offerings of fresh produce, meats and excellent baked goods and coffee. I thank Mario's Quality Meats for its many years of service to the Haberfield community and I wish the very best to the team at the new Haberfield Butchery. I know that they will do great justice to the strong and unique history of the Waratah Street building.