On 15 March, over 100,000 women and allies marched across the country in a powerful demonstration of support for survivors of sexual assault and harassment.

They rallied together to say enough is enough, spurred by the powerful stories of survivors and activists including Brittany Higgins and Australian of the Year, Grace Tame.

I joined the thousands of feminists at Town Hall in their call to end violence against women in their workplaces, homes, universities, and in the halls of power in Government.

1 in 5 women experiences sexual assault in their lifetime.

The ACTU notes 64% of women report being sexually harassed and assaulted in their workplace.

This is an issue that effects every workplace, including here in New South Wales Parliament.

Our Parliaments must be safe, especially for the young women who come to work here every day to make a difference.

All leaders, particularly elected representatives from across the political spectrum have a responsibility to listen to survivors and take steps now to strengthening reporting mechanisms and work health and safety policies.

Thank you to March4Justice, feminist organisations, trade unions, and the thousands of inner westies who attended the rally.

I stand with you.