I would like to recognise the efforts of all the Inner West creatives who will be participating in the Makers Front Yard Trail on Saturday 10 December.

Makers Frontyard is an annual event that usually takes place during Sydney Craft Week and gives our Inner West makers the opportunity to sell their handmade wares from their own front yards.

This year, those who follow the Trail will be led to eight different front yards around the Inner West, including our own suburbs of Dulwich Hill, Summer Hill, Ashfield, and Ashbury.

Locals will be able to do their Christmas shopping and purchase thoughtful and unique gifts directly from the makers themselves.

Thank you to all the makers who will be participating and offering their front yards as shopfronts on the Trail, as well as the organisers at Makers Frontyard for making the day happen.

I also extend appreciation to our Inner West locals who are always so quick to support the local arts.

This is a truly wonderful celebration of handmade and locally made craft. I look forward to it!




Correction: This event was postponed from 8 October to 10 December, so there's still time to make it!