A question to the Minister Western Sydney, Minister for WestConnex, and Minister for Sport:

  1. Considering the approval for the M4-M5 WestConnex Link indicates that there will be a significant shortage of car parking for construction workers along the length of the route, is it the intention of the Minister to approve the use of existing and proposed Haberfield and Ashfield sites for workers from other locations?
    1. If so, how would these workers be transported from Haberfield and Ashfield to out of area construction sites?
  2. How would after-hours movements of such workers be undertaken to ensure no extra noise and disruption to local residents?
  3. Considering the existing sites will be insufficient to accommodate all the workers for the project, how will the Government ensure that workers do not continue to utilise resident and local parking in Haberfield and Ashfield and along the route?
  4. What provisions are planned to ensure and minimise the impacts on local traffic and pedestrian safety in Haberfield and Ashfield, especially around Haberfield Public School, including on Bland Street, Alt Street, Denman Avenue and Walker Avenue, which are already heavily impacted by WestConnex construction traffic?
  5. Is there support for crossing-guards being deployed on Bland Street and Alt Street at Parramatta Road, and at Haberfield Public School crossings, in light of the above?

Response can be tracked on NSW Parliament's website