Jo Haylen MP has condemned the Berejiklian Government’s decision to not allow a tollfree period on the M4 East.

The Liberal State Government has announced it was finally opening the twin tunnels between Homebush and Haberfield this Saturday but have ruled out a toll-free period for the recently-privatised road, defying the long accepted convention of allowing motorists a relief from the heavy burden of tolls.

The Premier admitted that the reason a toll free period would not be provided was because of increased traffic saying “we thought it would be detrimental to do that simply because of concerns about backed-up traffic. We didn't want to see long queues of kilometres [of traffic] in the new tunnels."

Motorists using the M4 to travel from Parramatta into Sydney’s CBD will now have to pay $7.89 each way, meaning a daily commute will cost $15.78 or $78.90 a week. Over 48 weeks this amounts to $3,787 in tolls for motorists using the route.

Ms Haylen also criticised the Premier and her Roads Minister Andrew Constance for failing to prepare motorists for what will be a massive hit to family budgets. Few signs have been erected alerting motorists to the new toll and what little information there is requires motorists to visit the WestConnex website.

Quotes attributable to Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill

“The Premier’s claim that she will not provide a toll free period because it would create too much traffic proves this project to be the sham it is.

“This project will dump thousands of cars onto already congested local roads that we know can’t cope, particularly in Haberfield and Ashfield.

“The Government has failed both residents of the Inner West who have long objected to this project, and residents of Western Sydney who will be slugged with even more tolls.

“The Premier talks a big game on the cost of living but when it comes to delivering she has failed miserably.”