Lou Bacchiella has dedicated the last decade of his life to supporting new migrants, refugees, and the CALD community here in the inner west.

Serving as the CEO of Metro Assist for the last 6 years, Lou has helped Metro Assist go from strength to strength, ensuring culturally and linguistically diverse communities are able to receive critical support, from caseworkers who speak their language.

Established in 1986 as Canterbury Bankstown Migrant Resource Centre, to assist new migrants, Metro Assist has expanded its footprint across the inner west helping thousands of migrant families build their new lives in Australia.

Metro Assist provides a range of community services including migrant settlement, family support and early intervention, emergency relief, tenancy services, and employment support.

While Lou may be moving on, his legacy will continue to be felt and remembered, by all those whose lives have been transformed thanks to Metro Assist.

I am told Lou is looking forward to his well-deserved retirement and will be enjoying gardening and home renovations in his spare time.

Congratulations Lou for your years of invaluable service and thank you for your important contribution to the well-being of our local communities.