With Clr Lucy McKenna, Mayor - Ashfield Council, Clr Darcy Byrne - Leichhardt Council, and Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councillors.

Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, today joined elected Labor councillors from Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils to demand the Baird Government stop the acquisition of homes and release the environmental impact statement and business case for the Westconnex project.

“We as Local Labor representatives cannot support $15 billion of taxpayer’s money being spent on a polluting toll road that won’t fix traffic problems and which will destroy the heritage value of our suburbs,” Jo Haylen said.

“Mike Baird and Duncan Gay refuse to release the Business Case they are relying on to justify Westconnex – the secrecy must end.”

“The Government is withholding the EIS, traffic modelling and business case for the project because they show that Westconnex will not solve the inner west’s traffic problems.”

“I do not support a new toll road that doesn’t fix Sydney’s traffic problems – and will destroy and divide our communities.” Ms Haylen said.

“Ashfield residents do not believe the claims that the M4 East tunnel will reduce traffic on Parramatta Rd - in fact, we believe it will increase the traffic problems across the Inner West” Mayor Lucille McKenna said.

“We should not be investing $15 billion of NSW taxpayers on a project that will force more cars into inner west streets. The residents of Haberfield have stopped the M4 East before, and can do so again.” Mayor McKenna said.

"Today it's the Haberfield community faced with a smoke stack and home acquisitions but we know that with future stacks in Rozelle and elsewhere that it is the whole inner west community which is threatened by WestConnex,” Councillor Darcy Byrne said.

“We must all stand in solidarity with the people of Haberfield because a monstrosity like WestConnex needs a monumental campaign to stop it."