I acknowledge the Committee for Sydney's recently released Life in Sydney snapshot, which amongst other things, reports that the majority of Sydney siders support building new cycleways. 52% of respondents supported additional cycling lanes in Sydney and 46% stated they would cycle more if our roads were safer. 58% supported the notion that more school kids should cycle to school. During the COVID crisis, increasing numbers of people have taken up cycling; recognising it is a COVID-safe, healthy, cheap, and environmentally friendly way to commute. Research is critical to understanding how the pandemic has changed the way we travel and how people want to use our city, and that is why the work of the Committee for Sydney is so important. The Committee for Sydney's goal is to help build the Sydney of tomorrow by finding innovative solutions to our city's problems, such as planning our city's travel network. Thank you to Gabriel Metcalf, Eamon Waterford, and all the team at Committee for Sydney for publishing the snapshot and for laying out a vision of what a future Sydney would look like with active transport at its heart.