Member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen MP, today criticised the Liberal State Government for again failing to invest in key infrastructure across the Inner West.

Time and time again, the inner west is overlooked by this Liberal Government,” said Ms Haylen.

“Each year, the State Budget is a reminder that they can’t be relied on to put the community’s need above their own political interest.”

The State Budget failed to commit to upgrade Canterbury Hospital, which hasn’t had a major upgrade since 1998.

Passengers with disability, older people and parents with prams will continue to battle stairs at Lewisham Station, with the Budget providing no money for lifts or a much-needed fix for station flooding.

School students in the Summer Hill electorate will continue to be crammed into demountables, with only Canterbury Boys High School receiving funding for a school upgrade.

“The Liberals aren’t investing in the infrastructure we need to rebuild our local economy as we continue to manage the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ms Haylen.

“At the same time, local families and households are being asked to pay more for taxes, tolls, fares, fees and fines. It just isn’t fair.”

Ms Haylen congratulated local activists for forcing the State Government to announce funding for the new Globe Wilkins preschool at Wilkins Public School.   

“I’ll keep fighting to make sure the Inner West gets its fair share,” said Ms Haylen.