Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, today called on the Premier to clarify the costs to local residents and businesses following her decision to backflip on the Fire and Emergency Services Levy.

The Levy was hastily abandoned yesterday after it was revealed Treasury modelling had under-valued the cost to small business of the reform.

The levy shifted the contribution towards fire and emergency services including the SES from insurance policies to council rates. The Government promised households would save money from the reform, however, local residents have complained they were facing higher bills.

Councils, residents and insurance companies have been thrown into chaos with no clear understanding on how services will be funded. There has been widespread confusion across the inner west about the imposition of the levy.

The announcement is another embarrassing backflip from the Government and follows back-downs on key policies including council amalgamations and the ban on greyhounds.


Comments attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill:

“This is a massive blunder that undermines the economic credentials of this Government and this Premier.

“The Treasurer described this as the most important reform in a generation, but here he is junking it three months later.

“This blunder raises serious questions about their economic agenda, most importantly their decision to sell off the Land and Titles Registry which underpins the entire system of property management in NSW.

“This is a Government that refuses time and time again to listen to the community – and here is yet another example of their failure to listen before they legislate.