Labor Candidate for Summer Hill Jo Haylen said today that Summer Hill residents will be among those who benefit most from Labor’s plan for cycling and the role of active transport.

The plan will help inner west residents by linking key suburbs in Summer Hill to the City West Cycleway, reducing congestion and creating a healthier and more sustainable NSW.

“When I was Mayor of Marrickville I delivered some missing links to our bike networks but we need state leadership to complete the inner west network. The Greenway is a critical part of this to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes,” Ms Haylen said.

“If Labor is elected, Summer Hill residents will have a cheaper and healthier way to get to work and get out and enjoy our local area. The Greenway will meet light and heavy rail at various points, and will allow people to cycle from Iron Cove to the Cooks River.”

Labor’s plan will: 

  • Build and maintain cycling infrastructure, including:
    • Invest $37 million and work with local councils to build the inner west Greenway
    • Commit to work with the City of Sydney to keep the College St cycleway, and
    • Work with federal government and local councils to progress the Inner Sydney Regional Bike Network
  • Promote cycle safety and instruct Transport for NSW review cyclist safety rules,
  • Take a multi-faceted, whole-of-government approach to creating a cycling friendly city with the Health, Transport, Planning and Roads departments, plus local councils, working with the Greater Sydney Commission to promote active transport as a path to more livable and attractive cities, a healthy population and less congested roads,
  • Invest in bicycle-related regional tourism with a new Rail Trails Strategy that would see unused rail corridors converted to shared-use paths – bringing visitors and jobs to regional NSW, and
  • Give cyclists and public transport users a voice in transport planning, through a new Public Transport Users and Cyclists Advisory Board within Transport for NSW. 

Shadow Transport Minister Penny Sharpe, said:

“Cycling is good for your health and good for the environment – and it is part of tackling congestion in our cities.

“The number of NSW households with at least one bike is increasing steadily, and about half of all Sydney households have at least two bikes – our transport planning should take this popular mode of transport into account.

“Labor’s new approach to cycling is about promoting an active lifestyle for a healthier, more sustainable state.

“Labor’s plan to encourage cycling will also boost regional economies – with shared-use rail trails to bring new visitors, and jobs, to regional NSW.

“Importantly, our plan acknowledges that commuters can offer valuable perspectives to drive innovation, accessibility and improvements in public transport and cycling.

“Labor will give cyclists a strong voice within the planning and development of public and active transport in NSW.”