NSW Labor Leader, Michael Daley, has announced today that a Daley Labor Government, if elected this month, will hire an additional 5,000 teachers across NSW.

Mr Daley made the announcement in Lapstone today with Shadow Minister for Education Jihad Dib, Member for the Blue Mountains, Trish Doyle and Labor candidate for Penrith, Karen McKeown.

By 2036, it is estimated there will be one million students enrolled in NSW public schools. Only Labor will hire the additional teachers needed to keep up with demand and provide the best opportunities for our children.

Labor’s plan for an additional 5,065 teachers includes literary and numeracy teachers as well as specialised education teachers.

Mr Daley said: “This announcement is about more one-on-one time for students, to provide them their best chance. The current Liberal-National Government is denying them this fair chance.

“If State Government is not about good quality education for our children then what is it about?”

It follows yesterday’s announcement that a Daley Labor Government will inject $2.7 billion over the life of the current State and Federal Gonski funding agreement to become the first state in Australia to deliver 100 per cent of the standard level of funding for every student.

Once implemented it will mean more than $1,500 extra every year for every student in NSW public high schools and more than $1,200 for every public primary school student.

Currently, the NSW Liberals and Nationals are providing just 70.8 per cent of the standard level of funding each student needs, short-changing every NSW public school student.

Mr Dib, said: “Labor has a strong history of supporting teachers in NSW. Labor increased the number of school teachers by 23 per cent during its time in office.

“The Liberals and Nationals have only increased teacher numbers by just 11 per cent over the last eight years.”

This further builds on Labor’s previous education commitments, including to:

  • Replace 1,000 ageing demountables across the state
  • Make TAFE free for courses in skill shortage areas
  • Ensure every child can learn a second language
  • Allocate $5,000 to P&Cs
  • Give free glasses to disadvantaged school kids
  • Air condition every school in NSW

Ms McKeown, said: “Only Labor is putting schools and hospitals before knocking down and rebuilding stadiums.”



  • There are approximately 66,000 public school teachers in NSW.
  • The Department of Education (DoE) has found that 33 per cent of NSW public school teachers are due to retire within five years.
  • The DoE also predicts 164,000 additional students are expected to enter public schools by 2031 (and 200,000 by 2036). This is the first major increase in the school-age population since the Baby Boom of the 1950s.