Labor’s commitment to build a new 180-space commuter carpark at Ashfield Station if elected next weekend will come as welcome news for many.

Jo Haylen, Labor’s candidate for Summer Hill, said the challenge of finding a park each morning was preventing people from using public transport to get to work.

“This uncertainty over whether there might be an available park or not means people are avoiding getting the train to work because it’s just too difficult.

“An elected Labor Government government will build the new 180 space commuter carpark at Ashfield Station and we will work hard to ensure this is delivered as soon as possible - without privatising the State’s electricity network,” Ms Haylen said.

“Labor wants to encourage people to get out of their car, and onto public transport. This means we have to make accessing public transport easy, reliable and safe.

Jo Haylen said investment in infrastructure like commuter carparks will benefit everyone in the community.

“Not only will we see more people getting the train to work each day, but it also has a flow on effect in terms of relieving congestion in the area, and of course reducing emissions.”

A NSW Labor Government will invest $1 billion in our rail network to expand network capacity and improve reliability and $4.3 million to reinstate Guardian train services on late night trains to improve security and help get people home safely.