Inner West cyclists will get the long-awaited Greenway cycleway if Labor wins the Federal Election, according to Grayndler federal Labor MP Anthony Albanese. 

Mr Albanese announced a proposed $7.25 million investment for the active trnasport link between the Parramatta River at Iron Cove to the Cooks River at Earlwood at a doorstop with Barton federal Labor candidate Linda Burney in Summer Hill. 

Ms Burney described the Greenway funding plan as a dream come true for inner west residents. 

"It has been a dream of this area for decades," Ms Burney said. "It's a growing area and the opportunity to connect the inner west through a cycle track is a fantastic announcement."

Summer Hill state Labor MP Jo Haylen also applauded the commitment to the cycleway's completion. 

"We want to see more inner west residents out of hteir cars and onto their bikes," Ms Haylen said. 

However, Friends of the Greenway spokeswoman Jennifer Kent said it was time for action, rather than empty promises. 

"We're always pleased to see the Greenway get a bit of attention, but we don't want it to just be a political football," Ms Kent said. 

Ms Kent said increasing development in the region and a scarcity of green space were some of many reasons to advance the project. 

"I am concerned about the sedentary lifestyle of children in school and if they can have an active way of getting to and from school without driving in their parents' cars, then that is wonderful," Ms Kent said.

Ms Kent said bushcare space and public art along the light rail corridor were also among the Greenway's many virtues.

"We welcome the offer of funding to complete these missing links but what we really want to see is some action." Ms Kent said.


Written by Eliza Barr

This article was originally published in the Inner West Courier on 24 May 2016.