Jo Haylen MP, State Member for Summer Hill, joined NSW Labor Leader Michael Daley and NSW Shadow Minister for Education Jihad Dib in announcing today that a Daley Labor Government will give every child in NSW the opportunity to learn a second language in primary school.

A NSW Labor Government will;

  • Recruit 100 full time language teachers for NSW schools over the next four years
  • Increase funding to community language schools by $70 per child [from $130 to $200 per child], so they can expand their important work in teaching non English languages in their communities
  • Help teachers with existing skills in a language other than English get formal qualifications as language teachers
  • Help community language school teachers gain formal qualifications to teach languages in schools.
  • Work with universities across NSW to increase the number of courses which provide a recognized specialisation as an English teacher for primary school students.
  • Establish a coordination unit within the Department of Education to develop a ten year plan for language education


Quotes attributable to the Member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen

“Labor is committed to helping kids in our community learn a second language because we know the doors it will open for them in their lives. 

"Learning a language at the earliest age develops regions of our kids' brains that are vital to creativity and logic and broadens their understanding of the world.

"The Inner West is a multicultural success story. Languages are at the heart of preserving and connecting cultures and they bridge the gaps that may exist between communities.

"I am proud that the Summer Hill electorate hosts a number of leading language facilities such as the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools, the NSW School of Languages which students travel all across Sydney to attend, and the Inner West Council’s D’harawal Culture & Language Program.”


Quotes attributable to Leader of the Opposition Michael Daley

“We know learning a second language delivers real benefits for children, it gives them access to career opportunities, improves literacy in English, improves communication skills and teaches our kids about other cultures.

“NSW is falling behind in language education at a time when our state’s economy is more connected than ever with those of our neighbours. Language education isn’t just important for our kids, it’s vital for our economy.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Education Minister Jihad Dib

“Labor will grow the number of language teachers in our schools by working with universities across NSW to make more courses which provide recognized specialization as a language teacher for primary school students.

“Labor will also support multicultural communities across NSW by increasing funding for community language schools by $70 per child. We understand the importance of good language tuition across those communities, and we’ll make it easier for those who are current community language school teachers to help teach languages in our primary schools.”