Ms JO HAYLEN (Summer Hill) (20:31): I congratulate KU Crusader Preschool in Marrickville on opening its brand-new playground. With the addition of bridges, plants, a dry creek bed and a water pump, the playground is now a bush oasis filled with potential for adventure and, no doubt, a few more well-earned scraped knees. Preschools like KU Crusader show us the tremendous impact that quality preschool education has on a child's development and that every part of a child's educational experience matters, including play. KU Crusader has been providing care for over 120 years, and in Marrickville for over 70 years. It is always a pleasure to visit the centre and see happy children, who are learning and supported by passionate, dedicated staff. I thank KU Crusader and the staff, educators and parents who made this spectacular new playground a reality.