2 June 2021 marked the 75th anniversary of Italian National Day.

The Inner West is an enduring testament to the strength and vibrancy of multicultural Australia.

I thank the generations of Italian migrants who came to Australia and called the Inner West home. For many, the journey to Australia wasn't easy. If leaving their homeland wasn't hard enough, when they arrived at our shores, they often faced hardship and discrimination.

Still, they worked hard and built proud suburbs like Leichhardt and Haberfield, building infrastructure, nurturing local family businesses, and shaping the Inner West we know and love today.

I note that central Leichhardt is set to be renamed Little Italy by Inner West Council to celebrate the extraordinary contribution made by generations of Italian migrants and I congratulate the local residents, businesses and organisations including Co.As.it who worked so hard to make it happen.

Communities work best when people of many different backgrounds and experiences come together and I am proud and honoured to celebrate the legacy of the Italian community in building our wonderful, diverse Inner West.