Ms JO HAYLEN (Summer Hill)—The Inner West War on Food Waste was recently hosted by the Inner West Council and the War on Waste's Craig Reucassel.

The event highlighted the fact that more than a third of all household waste is food. In 2014/15 the Sydney Metro Area – including the inner west - sent 331,150 tons of food organics to landfill. At today's costs, that tonnage would cost councils $47.3 million.

Mr Reucassel's presentation brought together councils, industries and state and federal representatives to discuss plans for a ground-breaking food recycling scheme for Sydney.

I am proud the Inner West Council and local inner west community groups continue to take the lead in advocating for a commercial sustainable and large scale organic recycling program for Sydney.

I especially acknowledge organisations including Oz Harvest, Food Bank NSW and the ground-breaking Food Pantry at Addison Road Community Centre.

They are all driving transformational initiatives to divert food waste from land-fill and meet the growing problem of food insecurity in our community.

I thank Mr Craig Reucassel and congratulate the Inner West Council, Mayor Darcy Byrne and Councillors who came together to discuss a proposed organic recycling program for Sydney.