For thirty years, Inner West Neighbour Aid has provided invaluable support to older people, people with disability and carers within our local community.

Since its establishment in 1992, the organisation has dedicated its services to igniting community spirit.

To best support seniors and people with disability in leading active, social and independent lives, Inner West Neighbour Aid works to facilitate long term relationships. These connections empower people to share their knowledge and experiences.

The Neighbour Aid runs programs and provides services that prioritise building wellness around the home, as well as developing confidence while out and about.

Even though there is only a small team of staff working for the organisation, with two-hundred dedicated volunteers who kindly give their time and skills, they are able to support seven-hundred people living across the Inner West

I recognise the work of all the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Inner West Neighbour Aid. I also extend my congratulations to Social Support Coordinator, Esther Tigchelaar for fostering such a welcoming environment.