I am pleased to recognise the Inner West Icons podcast: an informative and creative project that celebrates the local history and stories of our vibrant community.

The idea was hatched by podcast producer Jane Curtis who, when moving to the Inner West three years ago, quickly understood why our locals are so proud of their home.

Inner West Icons has proven to be an interesting and accessible entry point for so many people who would like to learn more about the area's unique historical offerings.

With its first episode launching in May this year, season one of the podcast has featured five interesting deep dives into different hallmarks of the Inner West.

Inner West Icons has attracted local fans, as well as curious listeners all around Sydney.

There is no doubt that season one has left them eager for more! I look forward to listening to all the fascinating stories that await us in season two.

I thank the true icons behind this educational endeavour and display of community pride: producer, researcher, and editor, Jane Curtis; host, Bernie Hobbs; and sound engineer, John Jacobs.