I congratulate all those involved with the Inner West Disability Pride Fest held on 9 April 2022 at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

This is the second successful event of its kind and aims to increase visibility, reclaim identity, instil pride and reduce stigma for people with disability.

As the royal commission has shown, people with disability continue to face ableism, mistreatment and suffering. The event is an important way to highlight and address the suffering many people with disability experience as a result of ableism and to celebrate people with disabilities as unique, valuable, valid and distinctive with a right to be proud of who they are.

The event is part of a local movement celebrating Disability Pride and seeks to connect the Inner West and Sydney to cities hosting similar events all around the world.

I congratulate the organisers of this important event, as well as the volunteers and attendees who made the day so impactful and powerful. I also acknowledge all people with disability in our community and thank you for the invaluable contribution you make to the Inner West.