Labor is demanding that the Liberals and Nationals give NSW drivers the refunds they are entitled to, after CTP green slip insurance refunds were cut off to as many as 750,000 NSW drivers, leaving them each up to $120 worse off.

The NSW Government made refunds of up to $120 on CTP green slips available for drivers who purchased a green slip before December 2017. But on Monday night the Liberals and Nationals stopped further refunds, pocketing as much as $29 million of unclaimed taxpayer money.

Shadow Minister for Cost of Living, Jo Haylen has condemned the Government for this decision saying "It is appalling that this Liberal and National Government thinks it can dupe drivers out of their own money like this."

Labor Shadow Minister for Better Public Services, Sophie Cotsis has a simple message for Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian, after the Liberals and Nationals cut off refunds “Give it back Gladys, it’s not your money”.
“In order to claim a green slip refund the Liberals and Nationals made people jump through all these unnecessary hoops online. It’s a joke.”
“Why didn’t the Liberals and Nationals just automatically send people their refunds? Gladys, just give drivers the money they’re owed instead of pocketing it for your Budget bottom line.”
Shadow Minister for Finance, Daniel Mookhey said a week before the refund program closed, one in five eligible motorists had yet to apply for a refund.
“Not everybody has the internet, and not everybody has the time to fill out forms online. In fact the number of drivers who applied for a refund was so low that the Liberals and Nationals spent around $1.9 million advertising the refund.”
“This refund scheme was examined by a Legislative Council Inquiry in February this year. The Inquiry heard that older people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds may not be aware they are entitled to a refund.”
“This whole refund scheme is starting to look like a stunt designed to prop up a bad Liberal National Budget, instead of helping motorists.”