Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, welcomes the commencement of a new dedicated parking permit scheme for care workers assisting elderly and disabled residents.

“Community nurses and home care workers do vital work in our community. This will make their lives just a little bit easier, with one less thing to worry about,” said Ms Haylen.

The scheme means care workers will be able to use a single permit across three local government areas – Marrickville, Leichhardt and the City of Sydney – and that parking restrictions will no longer compromise the standards of care provided to vulnerable community members.

“I’m pleased care workers now have access to a scheme that means they can do the job they’re passionate about – caring for the most vulnerable – rather than keeping an eye on a parking meter,” Ms Haylen said.

The scheme was an initiative of the Sydney Alliance and agreed to by Marrickville Council in 2014.

Rita Martin of the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association says, “The NSWNMA congratulates Marrickville Council on unanimously supporting the MOU for parking permits for homecare workers. Jo Haylen and Rosanne Tyler were able to put partisan politics aside to promote a great outcome for our local community.”

“Once introduced, the new parking scheme will mean the quality and quantity of nursing and personal care provided to vulnerable local community members won’t be compromised because of parking restrictions,” Ms Malia said.  

“This has been a problem for community nurses for over 20 years, and finally we are close to a solution,” Ms Malia said.

“I congratulate everyone in the community who was involved in making this a reality. It’s an example of how a little change can have a big impact,” Ms Haylen said.

The parking permit scheme will be administered by the City of Sydney and incur a $50 administration fee.