Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, today called for an inquiry into youth detention practices in NSW after leaked documents showed children have been locked up in isolation for as much as 22 hours a day. 

On 2 August this year, Ms Haylen moved a parliamentary motion calling on the Premier to confirm that abusive practices exposed at Don Dale Detention Centre – including solitary confinement – did not happen in NSW.

The Premier has failed to respond to the motion.

The Minister for Corrections has previously claimed there was no practice of isolating young people in custody in NSW. 


Comments attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill

“Back in August, I called on the Premier to assure the community that abusive practices did not and could not happen here in NSW juvenile detention.

“We now know that isolation is being used when it is clear this practice is psychologically harmful to young people and does nothing to help rehabilitate them to society.

“These kids need access to proper rehabilitation programs, including meaningful educational programs, so they can rebound from prison and be full participants in our society.

“The Government is claiming that locking up kids for 23 hours with little contact with other people doesn’t equal solitary confinement. That clearly fails to meet community expectations as to how we treat young people.

“We urgently need a broader review into youth detention and into indigenous incarceration in NSW in particular.   

“The Premier must call an immediate inquiry to give the community confidence that young people in correctional facilities are being afforded basic human rights.”