I warmly congratulate the fantastic team at HP Bowlo for celebrating the venue's first birthday in April! Hurlstone Park's local legends, Karl Setter and James Sommerland, opened the HP Bowlo last year. As part of the quaint shopping strip on Crinan Street, the venue is the only small bar in Hurlstone Park's tight-knit community. HP Bowlo was established partly as an homage to the suburb's 70-year-old bowling club just down the street which closed its doors back in 2017. After just one year, Karl and James have not only revived that community experience, but have created a space that has taken on a life of its own in this small and wonderful suburb. HP Bowlo has quickly become a great place for neighbours to gather over some locally brewed craft beer or a glass of something special from their refined wine list. The venue is also well-known for its Friday arvo meat tray raffles, which are made only a few doors down at Theo's Cecinas Butchery & Smallgoods. Congratulations to Karl Setter, James Sommerland, and the brilliant staff at HP Bowlo for a successful year in Hurlstone Park!