Member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen today condemned the Baird Government for the M4 East tunnel plans announced today, which will make Haberfield the Westconnex “ground zero”.

“Local residents’ worst fears are now becoming a reality with more compulsory acquisitions than ever expected, and the announcement of the construction site and smoke stack only 500m from Haberfield Public School.”

“The NSW Government today awarded contracts to build the M4 East tunnel before they have acquired the necessary land, before they have released the Environmental Impact Statement, and before they have even received planning approval. The Government still haven’t even released the business case or the traffic modelling to justify Westconnex.”

“Even more residents will be sold short and left out in the cold with devalued properties, because the Government wants to rip apart our vibrant, healthy Haberfield community.”

“It is clear the Government’s plan all along was for a much bigger than anticipated interchange at Haberfield.”

“The M4 East tunnel will dump thousands of cars just a few kilometres along Parramatta Road in the middle of the thriving community of Haberfield making it a carpark. This tunnel will do nothing but destroy and divide the heritage suburb of Haberfield.”

“Not only will the traffic jam be moved from Concord to Haberfield, but the Government’s plan for a 3 lane tunnel spilling onto the already congested 2 lane City West Link will just cause traffic chaos.

“I am deeply fearful of the threat to the health of Haberfield Public School’s over 600 students and teachers.”

“It’s just not appropriate to have trucks and construction vehicles surrounding my kids school for 4 years. After that they will be breathing toxic fumes on the playground from a smoke stack just 500m away.” Haberfield Public School mum Samantha Proctor said.

“Having the M4 East tunnel start in Haberfield is simply moving the traffic jam a few kilometres along Parramatta Road - this is not a traffic solution for the inner west.” Jo Haylen said.

“This Government is continuing to hand out multibillion dollar contracts for a road that they have not released the business case for.”

“It’s time Duncan Gay lifted the veil of secrecy.”

“Let the people whose homes will be compulsorily acquired at least see the business case supporting this road.”