Sunday 2 October marked the annual celebration of the Inner West's beautiful garden suburb of Haberfield.

After its inaugural celebration back in 2019, Haberfield Day is in its fourth year of observance within our local community.

The celebratory day was established to shine a light on and honour the uniquely rich heritage of the Haberfield suburb.

The association chose this date because it marks the surveying and declaration of the Haberfield Estate back in 1901.

This year, about twenty members of the Haberfield Association celebrated Haberfield Day beside the bust of Richard Stanton who developed the garden suburb into a beautiful home for many.

Amongst a great spread of food, attendees enjoyed the official Haberfield Day Biscuit: Lemon Myrtle and Wattleseed Shortbread.

Thank you to Angie Gallinaro for organising this event with the support of Rina and Gordon Hill, and Karen and Tony Eccles.

I look forward to the celebration of Haberfield Day for many years to come!